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DAPPER DAN - God Father of Luxury Streetwear Culture. Gobal Icon. Redesigned and Redefined designer wear  thru the eyes and infuence of people of color. Picture here with the Mailloechii World Duffel Bag

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DAPPER DAN in Harlem, NY with the ICONIC Made For Dapper Dan Jacket and Duffel Bag by Mailloechii

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YELLA BEEZY - Achieving his rise to hip-hop supremacy with his hit single "That's On Me" (Baby), the Dallas, Texas native has solidified himself as a major influencer of streetwear and is a certified trendsetter from the wearing of the designer headbands, the shag hair cut, rocking countless custom designer labels in loud flamboyant colorways; and creating music that we all shop, drip, and go out to. Seen here with the Mailloechii Usain Bolt Jamaican Track Fit.

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GORILLA ZOE -  Legendary ATL rapper Gorilla Zoe stayed true to his word when we met him during his show at a nightclub in Alabama; he seen the tracksuit and told us, "that's dope as hell, I would rock that motherfuc%er, about a month and half later, he was spotted grabbing some food with his diamond cut, iced out cuban links chain matched up perfectly with the Mailloechii Usain Bolt Jamaican Track Fit

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MO3 - The Texas Rapper will be the first to tell you Everybody Ain't yo Friend, Everybody Ain't yo Partner" the street anthem representing the pitfalls and crosses of many relationships within the streets and in the entertainment industry. Mo3 has remained solid and continues to put out real music for real people who abide by code of the streets.  Here seen holding the Mailloechii World Domination Bomber Jacket after a concert in Mobile, Alabama over MLK Weekend 2020. 

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OG. MAGNUM  the biggest name in car shows across the Southeast United States. OG rose to stardom and became a social media sensation when he was spotted listening to Plies at a gas station and was completely in tune with the music and hip-hop culture while doing so in a tricked out Dodge Magnum! Social Media immediately  ignited the viral kraze of the coolest OG in the world listening to hip-hop inside of tricked out cars and alongside the biggest car show influenders in the world! OG was later featured on Plies "Real Hitta"  music video solidfying him as a nationwide household name with big star power! The coolest OG in the game. Seen here with the Malloechii PANDEMIC Mask and Gloves Set; along with our rare World Domination track fit.  

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LUH SOLDEIR AND BIG YAVO - The New Wave Of Alabama Music is coming from none other than these Birmingham Generals. Luh Soldier's "What Happen" and Big Yavo's "No Pen" singles are blazing the streets of Alabama and spreading across the South in heavy rotation. Look for them to gain national attention;  next to blow! Seen here wearing the Mailloechii Color The Culture Track Jackets. 

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RICH BOY-  A Legend in Alabama, Rich Boy, AKA "Mr Cartier Benjamin" is the first (nationally known) breakout hip-hop recording artist out of Alabama. Known from his biggest hits "Throw Some D's" and "Good Things" Ft Keri Hilson, his influence is felt thru the entire state; as new rappers have continued to be discovered from Alabama. Seen here rocking the Mailloechii World Domination Track Fit. 

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YOUNG DRO -  AKA "Mr.Polo", the long-time former right hand man to T.I.'s Grand Hustle Imprint has always been a consistent household name in the South. He's been the freshest NIGG@ in the country since dropping Shoulder Lean from his debut Album "Best Thang Smokin". He has countless verses on hits you can sing word for word from "Ugh", "FDB Fu*k Dat B*tch". " Kemosabe", "Freeze Me" "We Still in This Bih", "We In Da City" and many more club bangers. Seen here with the Mailloechii Polo and Polo style Cap. 

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ROCKO - A1 Freebandz Boss "Rocko Da Don" the epitome of Rap, Trap, and Sauce; from his savey word play to his classic "Gift Of Gab"; Rocko gives you the knowledge and wisdom to survive the trials and tribulations upon us in the streets all the way to the ranks of corporate Amercia. You can feel the realness in every project he drops. The jewels he drops are priceless; one should appreciate the game he shares at no cost. Seen here holding the Classic Mailloechii Polo shirt. 

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 LUCCI - The Young Fly Nig@ of ATL is aways in charge when it comes to creating melodic hip hop flows with every hit. Effortlessly making songs you can sing and rap to at the same time; the trap-o-logy behind his formula is very complex yet simplistic at the same time. A sound you can immediately identify as being responsible for annointing the platimum recording artist the Key 2 The Streets. The entire south will always be reminded to always wish him well. "Think its a Game". Lucci seen here after a live concert with the Mailloechii World Domination Track fit (Black). 

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YUNG MIAMI (CITY GIRLS) -  Yung Miami famously stating "fuc*in on a scammin ass rich ass Nigg@" always known to wear the latest designer clothing and carrying bags worth thousands of dollars. Its a reason they say "Where The Bag At"; Yung Miami strongly representing one 1/2 of the famous female duo during the "It's City Girl Summer 19 Tour (Girl Code)"; the first ladys of Quality Control Music controlled the entire summer. Here, Yung Miami stopped to snap a picture along side our trademark "Mailloechii World Duffel Bag" during Junefest 2019 in Dothan, Alabama. 

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TRINIDAD JAMES - Known for his major influence over sneakerhead culture, he has great appreciation to detail for the curators in the industry.  Trinidad James can be seen rocking some of the most exclusive sneaker releases and designer items from the worlds most iconic brands; from sneaker king  Nike to designer status Gucci, Trinidad James sets his own trends, and represents his own hypebeast; his influence is part of the entire streetwear and sneakerhead culture combined. Seen here alongside our Trademark Mailloechii World Domination Track Jacket. 

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KAMILLION - The "Twerk Queen" AKA "Ms. Twerk4Me" has definitely made her impact on hip-hop culture; combining dance, rhythm, and rap into one unique blend of music coming from the one and only "Jacksonville, FL" BKA  "DUVAL COUNTY". As her career continues to evolve, she represents the independent females in the game, showing them success can be achieved with hard work and consistency. Females can be their own Bosses and adapt to any enviorment to thrive. Kamillion seen here alongside our Mailloechii World Domination Jacket and Mailloechii Polo style Cap before her live performance later that night. 

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ANTOANETA POPOVA (CANANDIAN NATIONAL DANCE TEAM)-  When we got the call to produce the athletic track fits for the 7-time Canadian Champion, it was an honor and another step towards building a global brand. Developing their uniforms was one of our best experiences ever; stamping our brand imprint into another part of the world but as well as collaborating with a new sport "World Dance Sport" that is growing its influence across Canada, North America, and many other parts of the world. Antoaneta Popova is iconic with an amazing resume; represnting hard work, dedication, and mastery of her craft. This inspired us to produce these one of a kind ( a one-time production only) track fits.Thank you for trusting our brand and representing your sport at the highest level. Antoaneta Popova and The Canadian National Team Seen here in our Exclusive Mailloechii Canada Track Fit: Inspired by Antoaneta Popova.

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 THE REAL "FREE WAY" RICK ROSS - Freeway "Rick Ross" well known for being the true Amercia Gangsta in real life; his story gives hope and inspiration to those who come from underserved communities. His story represents evolving into the highest level of oneself that is achievable.  The knowledge and motivation he spreads today is the most Gangsta thing he has ever done. Thank you for enlightening those who are coming up and need guidance; especially in communties of color. We salute you, The Real Rick Ross. Seen here in one of our very first t-shirt releases Mailloechii "We Are Jean-ius" tshirt. 

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